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What is the abbreviation for abbreviation?! How do you

  1. abbreviation (of sth.) die Verkürzung (von etw. Dat.) Pl.: die Verkürzungen abbreviation das Kürzel Pl.: die Kürzel abbreviation das Kurzwort Pl.: die Kurzwörter abbreviation die Abbreviatur Pl.: die Abbreviaturen abbreviation das Abkürzungszeichen Pl.: die Abkürzungszeichen abbreviation die Kürzung Pl.: die Kürzungen abbreviation [Abk.: abbr.
  2. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'Abbreviation' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. Duden | Abbreviation | Rechtschreibung, Bedeutung, Definition, Herkunf
  3. abbreviation (of) Abbrev. abbreviation(s) Abd. Aberdeen: Aberd. Aberdeen: Aberdeensh. Aberdeenshire: abl. ablative: Abol. abolition: Aborig. aboriginal: Abp. archbishop: Abr. abridged: Abridg. abridged: Abridgem. abridgement: absol. absolute(ly) Absol. absolute: Abst. abstract(s) abstr. abstract: Abstr. abstract(s) Acad. academia, academy, academic(al) acc. according (to) acc. accusative: Acc
  4. Common Abbreviations Everyday Use. B.Y.O.B. - bring your own bottle, used for parties where guests are expected to bring their own drinks or... Cooking and Baking. Map Locations. Academic and Job Titles. Abbreviations often show up in describing academic and job titles. Social Media. The.
  5. Suggestion: Extra details that you enter when defining an abbreviation should appear next to results in light gray text. For an example, see my attachment. I entered Google as extra info. It'd be useful to have that next to Alphebet Inc. in light gray or small text. Thanks, love this site :) more
  6. Alphabetically by abbreviation; Abbrev. Country; ac: Ascension Island: ad: Andorra: ae: United Arab Emirates: af: Afghanistan: ag: Antigua And Barbuda: ai: Anguilla: al: Albania: am: Armenia: an: Netherlands Antilles: ao: Angola: aq: Antarctica: ar: Argentina: as: American Samoa: at: Austria: au: Australia: aw: Aruba: ax: Åland: az: Azerbaijan: ba: Bosnia And Herzegovina: bb: Barbados: be: Belgium: bd: Bangladesh: bf: Burkina Faso: bg: Bulgari
  7. Here are most popular abbreviations for the word abbreviation: * Abbr. or Abbr * Abbrev. or Abbrev * Abb Sources: What is the abbreviation for abbreviation?! 8 ways to abbreviate Abbreviation

Ab·bre·vi·a·ti·on, Plural: Ab·bre·vi·a·ti·o·nen. Aussprache: IPA: [ abʁevi̯aˈt͡si̯oːn] Hörbeispiele: Abbreviation ( Info) Reime: -oːn. Bedeutungen: [1] veraltend, Linguistik: in Schrift oder Druck abgekürztes Wort [...] [...] denomination, containing a difference of only one letter or number, or of accents on letters, in relation to the variety denomination of a variety of a closely related species, which has been officially accepted for marketing in the Community, the European Economic Area or in a contracting party to UPOV, or is the subject of a plant variety right in such territories; however, a difference of only one letter in an established abbreviation as a separate entity of the variety. abbreviation Bedeutung, Definition abbreviation: 1. a short form of a word or phrase: 2. a short form of a word or phrase: 3. a shortened form Abbreviation Archives. States and Continents. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan.

abbr(s). abbreviation(s) abs. absolute: adj(s). adjective(s) Admin. Administration, Administrative: adv. adverb: Aeronaut. Aeronautics: Agric. Agriculture: Alch abbreviations. Abkürzungen {pl} scribal abbreviations. Sigel {pl} libr. Siglen {pl} libr. explanation of abbreviations. Erklärung {f} der Abkürzungen. index of abbreviations. Abkürzungsverzeichnis {n} publ An abbreviation (from Latin brevis, meaning short) is a shortened form of a word or phrase, by any method.It may consist of a group of letters, or words taken from the full version of the word or phrase; for example, the word abbreviation can itself be represented by the abbreviation abbr., abbrv., or abbrev.; NPO, for nil (or nothing) per (by) os (mouth) is an abbreviated medical instruction Englisch. Deutsch. abbr, abbr., abbrev. n. noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. written, abbreviation (abbreviation) (Abk) Abk Nf. Nomen, weiblich, femininum: Substantive des weiblichen Geschlechts ( Frau , Vorlesung ) common Latin abbreviations abbreviation Latin translation usage and notes A.D. anno Domini in the year of the Lord Used to label or number years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.The A.D. or the Christian calendar era is based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus of Nazareth, with A.D. counting years after the start of this epoch, and B.C. counting years.

The abbreviation RISC ( Reduces Instruction Set CPU ) does not stand for the risk to get only the half of a processor, but means simplified, that in the processor instead of up to 2000 commands ( most of them never get used ) only the real important commands ( about 30 ) are implemented. These 30 basic commands can be supplied with various conditions, so that all functions are given. DE Synonyme für Abbreviation. 24 gefundene Synonyme in 6 Gruppen. 1. Bedeutung: Kürzel. Kürzel Akronym Abbreviatur Kurzwort Abbreviation. Synonyme werden umgewandelt. 2. Bedeutung: Kurzzeichen Abbreviation Ab | bre | vi | a | ti | o n 〈 [ -vi- ] f. - , -en 〉 = Abbreviatur..

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a written word or phrase. Abbreviations may be used to save space and time, to avoid repetition of long words and phrases, or simply to conform to conventional usage. The styling of abbreviations is inconsistent and arbitrary and includes many possible variations Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initialism stands for. With more than 1,000,000 human-edited definitions, Acronym Finder is the world's largest and most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms

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  1. An abbreviation is any shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase. Did you catch the word any in there? That means abbreviation is the blanket term for all these shortened words we've all been using on social media. Rly is a great example we just took out the vowels—who needs 'em—and now it's an abbreviation. What is an acronym
  2. abbreviation im Oxford Spanish Dictionary Übersetzungen für abbreviation im Englisch » Spanisch-Wörterbuch (Springe zu Spanisch » Englisch ) abbreviation [ Am əˌbriviˈeɪʃ(ə)n, Brit əbriːvɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n] SUBS
  3. ed by the sound of the first letter in the abbreviation.Abbreviation of the University.The distinguishing feature of the List of Abbreviations is that information is arranged in two columns with the abbreviations or acronyms aligned along the left.
  4. State Abbreviations The US has 50 states, a national capital along with commonwealths, and other territories around the world. Each state has its own unique shortened name codes used in written documents and mailing addresses.The state abbreviations are always in the same format: two letter abbreviations where both letters are uppercase and no periods or spaces between each letter
  5. abbreviation meaning: 1. a short form of a word or phrase: 2. a short form of a word or phrase: 3. a shortened form. Learn more
  6. Über 7 Millionen englische Bücher. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen
  7. Abbreviation meaning - COB means; To abbreviate - Management abbreviated; Category - Medical terms; Abbreviation in category - Bae in slan

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An abbreviation is a shortened version of a word or phrase. Here are some examples of abbreviations and their meanings: MP - Member of Parliament. Dr - Doctor. NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. app - application. They'd - They would. There are four different types of abbreviations in English: Initialism Abbreviations and acronyms dictionary Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initialism stands for With more than 1,000,000 human-edited definitions, Acronym Finder is the world's largest and most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms This online-only Dictionary of Abbreviations, exclusive to Oxford Reference Online, includes over 100,000 abbreviations and acronyms in alphabetical and numerical order, including the world's airports, airlines, currencies, astronomical signs and symbols, atomic numbers, and stocks codes, as well as computer, country, financial, medical, military, police, publishing, railway, scientific, technical, transportation, and United Nations abbreviations and acronyms, not to mention European food. abbreviations should be introduced with the first literature reference in question; repeated reference to a title should take the form of author's surname (an abbreviated title should be given if several works of an author are cited) and page number

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  1. Abbreviationfinder.org provides definitions of over 70,000 acronyms. These abbreviations cover 12 industries, including business, electronics, finance, science, computer, agriculture, internet, automobile, education, real estate, sports, and transportation. To find specific meaning of an acronym, please enter a keyword and then click Search
  2. The abbreviation, which refers to the common way of thinking, has become mainstream and even placed as a print on cups, pillows, shirts, etc. AYMM - Are you my mother? CWOT - Complete waste of tim
  3. Abbreviation; Afghanistan: AF: Aland Islands: AX: Albania: AL: Algeria: DZ: American Samoa: AS: Andorra: AD: Angola: AO: Anguilla: AI: Antarctica: AQ: Antigua and Barbuda: AG: Argentina: AR: Armenia: AM: Aruba: AW: Australia: AU: Austria: AT: Azerbaijan: AZ: Bahamas: BS: Bahrain: BH: Bangladesh: BD: Barbados: BB: Belarus: BY: Belgium: BE: Belize: BZ: Benin: BJ: Bermuda: BM: Bhutan: BT: Bolivia: BO: Bosnia and Herzegovina: BA: Botswana: BW: Bouvet Island: BV: Brazil: B
  4. Abbreviation; Azure Analysis Services server: Microsoft.AnalysisServices/servers: as: Azure Databricks workspace: Microsoft.Databricks/workspaces: dbw-Azure Stream Analytics: Microsoft.StreamAnalytics/cluster: asa-Azure Data Explorer cluster: Microsoft.Kusto/clusters: dec: Azure Data Explorer cluster database: Microsoft.Kusto/clusters/databases: dedb: Azure Data Factor

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  1. This page lists abbreviations for books of the Bible that are recognized by Logos Bible Software. Book Name Abbreviations Genesis Gen, Ge, Gn Exodus Exod, Exo, Ex Leviticu..
  2. The Complete List of 1500+ Common Text Abbreviations & Acronyms. Vangie Beal. April 6, 2021. Updated on: April 16, 2021. Text Abbreviations reviewed by Web Webster. From A3 to ZZZ we list 1,559 SMS, online chat, and text abbreviations to help you translate and understand today's texting lingo. Includes Top 10
  3. Abbreviations in the English language. abbreviation English; a.m. ante meridiem → before midday: ABC : American Broadcasting Compan
  4. Circulating Equipment. Computers / Software. DocuServe / Interlibrary Loan. Funder Compliance Support. Instruction Program. Library Account. Printing / Scanning. Publishing Program. Reference Services
  5. Abbreviations used on U.S. immunization records; AVA: Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed: BCG: Bacille Calmette-Guérin (Tuberculosis) Vaccine: ccIIV3: Cell-Culture Inactivated Influenza Vaccine, Trivalent (Flucelvax®) DPT: Replaced by the term DTP (see DTP for description) DT: Diphtheria and tetanus toxoids, pediatric formulation: DTa
  6. Abbreviations, initials and acronyms - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionar
  7. Acronyms and Abbreviations The Acronyms section of this website is powered by the Acronym Finder, the web's most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms. The Acronym Finder allows users to decipher acronyms from a database of over 1,000,000 entries covering computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military
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Abbreviation is the most widely used term for a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase. Abbreviations of single words are typically formed using the first letter or letters of the word ( n. = noun; adj. = adjective ), the first letter and the last letter ( hr. = hour; Sr. = Senior ), or the most significant letters ( TNT =. 8 ways to abbreviate Description. How to abbreviate Description? Get the most popular abbreviation for Description updated in 202 Abbreviations¶ Technical documentation often incurs the usage of a lot of acronyms, which may need additional explanation, especially for new user of your project. For these matters, Material for MkDocs uses a combination of Markdown extensions to enable site-wide glossaries. Configuration¶ Abbreviations¶ Source · Extensio

abbreviation. A set of letters that are drawn from a word or from a sequence of words and used for brevity in place of the full word or phrase Abbreviation is the process of shortening something, usually a word or phrase, or the shortened version itself. Mr. is the abbreviation of mister, NASA is the abbreviation of National Aeronautics and Space Administration, etc. (hey, that's an abbreviation too). There are different types of abbreviations c) use of abbreviations and codes in the international aeronautical telecommunications service: 3.7 of Annex 10, Volume II; d) use of abbreviations on aeronautical charts: 2.3.3 and 2.9 of Annex 4; e) use of abbreviations in plain language meteorological messages: Chapters 3, 4, 6 and 7, Appendices 1, 2 and 5 and Attachment A of Annex 3 Using abbreviations and acronyms. There are many rules about using abbreviations in a dissertation.. When you use acronyms —formed using the first letter of each word in a phrase— you should write the first occurrence of phrase in full, and place the abbreviation in parentheses immediately after it. Then you can use the acronym throughout the rest of the text

All country abbreviations list in alphabetical order are mention here in this page so, that you can find all country's abbreviation You can follow these general patterns: All USPS and traditional abbreviations begin with the first letter of the state's name. The second letter of USPS abbreviations is found within the state's name (usually the second letter, but in some cases,... If a state has two words in its name, its postal. An abbreviation made from the first parts (usually the first letters) of a multi-word term. Strictly speaking, acronyms form pronounceable words, such as STRIPS. Those that do not are called initialisms, such as SEC. However, the term has come to refer to all abbreviations Standard abbreviations can be used in your citations. Some of the more commonly used examples of abbreviations are listed below. And others. Format: et al. This means 'and others'. It is used in in-text citations where there are 3 or more authors. NOTE: full stop after 'al.' not after 'et' Example : 3 to 5 authors (Alberto, Jacobi & Keating, 1993) for the first citation and (Alberto et al.

I assume that an abbreviation is treated just as if it were a word , but I'm having trouble with some examples: Should it be an HIV patient or a HIV patient? For some reason, neither one looks right to me.--An Anxious Author in Axminster. Dear Anxious, The general rule for indefinite articles is to use a before consonants and an before vowels. The trick here is to use your ears (how the. An abbreviation is a short form of a word or phrase, made by leaving out some of the letters or by using only the first letter of each word. The postal abbreviation for Kansas is KS. Synonyms: shortening , reduction , résumé , trimming More Synonyms of abbreviation Define abbreviation. abbreviation synonyms, abbreviation pronunciation, abbreviation translation, English dictionary definition of abbreviation. n. 1. The act or product of shortening. 2. A shortened form of a word or phrase used chiefly in writing to represent the complete form, such as Mass. Abbreviation - definition of abbreviation by The Free Dictionary . https://www.thefreedictionary.com.

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ABBREVIATION, practice. The omission of some words or letters in writing; as when fieri facias is written fi. fa. 2. In writing contracts it is the better practice to make no abbreviations; but in recognizances, and many other contracts, they are used; as John Doe tent to prosecute, &c. Richard Roe tent to appear, &c. when the recognizances are used, they are drawn out in extenso If the abbreviation is obscure or unfamiliar, make sure to explain what it means the first time you use it. Acronyms and Initialisms. Abbreviations come in a few different varieties. Both acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations that are formed by combining the first letter of each word in a longer name or phrase. Typically, acronyms and. Scribal abbreviations or sigla (singular: siglum) are the abbreviations used by ancient and medieval scribes writing in various languages, including Latin, Greek, Old English and Old Norse.In modern manuscript editing (substantive and mechanical) sigla are the symbols used to indicate the source manuscript (e.g. variations in text between different such manuscripts) and to identify the. computing abbreviations and acronyms: AS: Application System: computing abbreviations and acronyms: AS: Autonomous System: computing abbreviations and acronyms: AS: Access System: Military abbreviations: AS: Acquisition Strategy: Military abbreviations: AS: Aerial Surveillance: Military abbreviations: AS: Air Force Standard: Military abbreviations: AS: All Source: Military abbreviations: A Legal Abbreviations are a short-hand way of citing and identifying legal publications and courts. The Deakin Library Legal Abbreviations Resource Guide is a select list of the most commonly used Law Reports, Journal Titles and Medium Neutral Citations with their abbreviations and a hyperlink to the Deakin Library Catalogue or the relevant website. Instructions: Click on the letter in the left.

Hants is an abbreviation of Hampshire. The process of abbreviating. [Mid 16 th century.] A notation used in music score to denote a direction, as pp or mf. One or more dashes through the stem of a note, dividing it respectively into quavers, semiquavers, demisemiquavers, or hemidemisemiquavers. Any convenient short form used as a substitution for an understood or inferred whole. 1946-1947. Abbreviation Country EU-12 European Union of 12 member states1 EU-15 European Union of 15 member states2 EU-25 European Union of 25 member states3 EU-27 European Union of 27 member states4 A Austria B Belgium D Germany5 D-W Germany West 5 D-E Germany East5 DK Denmark E Spain F France FIN Finland.

Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit three letter abbreviation - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen When an abbreviation is used and you want to provide an expansion or definition outside the flow of the document's content, use <abbr> with an appropriate title. To define an abbreviation which may be unfamiliar to the reader, present the term using <abbr> and either a title attribute or inline text providing the definition. When an abbreviation's presence in the text needs to be semantically.

Difference Between Abbreviation and Acronym Abbreviation vs Acronym The short form of a word, name or a phrase is called an abbreviation and an acronym. Generally they are formed from the first letter of the basic word. The difference between an abbreviation and an acronym is that an abbreviation is the articulated form of the original word whereas the acronym [ Abbreviation, in communications (especially written), the process or result of representing a word or group of words by a shorter form of the word or phrase. Abbreviations take many forms and can be found in ancient Greek inscriptions, in medieval manuscripts (e.g., DN for Dominus Noster), and in the Qurʾān Abbreviations, acronyms, and medical terminology are used for many conditions, and for instructions on medication prescribed by your doctor. This is a short list of common abbreviations you may have seen on a doctor's notepad; a prescription drug package or bottle; lab or other test results; or in your doctor's notes. ALL: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. AMI: Acute myocardial infarction (heart. Using-writing abbreviations. Using capitalization rule


AE Abbreviations Index. This index is intended to consist solely of Army in Europe peculiar terminology. Some DA, DOD (Joint), NATO, or other U.S. Government abbreviations, brevity codes, and acronyms (ABCA) may be included. For corrections, additions, or deletions, please send an email to: usarmy.sembach.usareur.mbx.pubsmail@mail.mi Looking for online definition of abbreviation or what abbreviation stands for? abbreviation is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar (linguistics) An abbreviation formed from syllables, usually the initial ones, of several words. 2008 March 19, HE SAYS...So nondescript is the redesign, the car all but fades, in The Times: Subaru named it after the New York zip code Tribeca — a syllabic abbreviation of Triangle Below Canal Street — not so much to connote.

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Abbreviation: a shortened version of a written work. Synonyms: abridgment, bowdlerization, condensation Find the right word. SINCE 1828. GAMES THESAURUS WORD OF THE DAY BLOG SHOP. LOG IN; REGISTER; settings. SAVED WORDS dictionary. thesaurus. view recents. Login or. Enter topic, journal title or abbreviation, or ISSN: Advanced Search. Search. Journals currently indexed in MEDLINE; Journals currently deposited in PMC; You are here: NCBI > Literature > National Library of Medicine (NLM) Catalog. Support Center. Simple NCBI Directory. Getting Started; NCBI Education; NCBI Help Manual ; NCBI Handbook; Training & Tutorials; Submit Data; Resources; Chemicals. Chat Abbreviations. Abbreviations are short forms of words or phrases. Abbreviations are often used in chatrooms because they are easy to type and they save time. They are also used for texting or direct/instant messaging. Many people also use abbreviations on social media sites. Here are some common abbreviations. Some are shown here in.

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Definition of ABBREVIATION (noun): short form of a word. Definition and synonyms of abbreviation from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of abbreviation.View American English definition of abbreviation.. Change your default dictionary to American English Abbreviations in Writing (1) Acronyms. An acronym is an abbreviation spoken like a word. Through common usage, a few acronyms have become... (2) Contractions. A contraction is a contracted version of a word. A Contraction with an Apostrophe. This type... (3) Initial Abbreviations (or. Do not define the following kinds of abbreviations: abbreviations listed as terms in the dictionary (e.g., AIDS, IQ) measurement abbreviations (e.g., kg, cm) time abbreviations used with numerical values (e.g., 5 hr, 30 min) Latin abbreviations (et al., i.e., e.g., etc.) many statistical. Abbreviations in English. abbreviation. English. a.m. ante meridiem → before midday. ABC. American Broadcasting Company. a/c. account An abbreviation is a truncated word; an acronym is made up of parts of the phrase it stands for and is pronounced as a word (ELISA, AIDS, GABA); an initialism is an acronym that is pronounced as individual letters (DNA, RT-PCR). For the purposes of this section, abbreviation will refer to all of these

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An abbreviation whose expansion is provided the first time the abbreviation appears in the content. The name, World Wide Web Consortium, appears as the first heading on the organization's home page. The abbreviation, W3C, is enclosed in parentheses in the same heading. A dictionary search form Less Frequently Used Abbreviations For Note Taking. A: Answer; adm.: Administration; adj.: Adjective, adjourned, adjustment; abr.: Abridged; abbr.: Abbreviation, abbreviated; acad.: Academic, academy; aka.: Also known as; app.: Appendix; assoc.: Association; biol.: Biology; bibliog.: Bibliography; bot.: Botanical, botany; cap.: Capital, capitalise; chap.: Chapte Abbreviations and Acronyms DokuWiki can mark abbreviations and acronyms (terminology) automatically. You can hover your mouse on an abbreviation to see a short explanation, shown as a tooltip. For example, if the mouse is positioned over CMS (which is included in the default acronyms list), the tooltip displays Content Management System Abbreviation Explanation °C: degrees Celsius: µ: micro: 1 (GE/NL) Corps HQ: First (German/Netherlands) Corps Headquarters: 10th AAMDC: 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command: 10th MEDLAB: 10th Medical Laboratory: 12th CAB: 12th Combat Aviation Brigade: 16th SB: 16th Sustainment Brigade: 173d ABCT: 173d Airborne Brigade Combat Team [obsolete, see 173d Abn BCT] 173d Abn BC


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Examples of dangerous abbreviations include: IU (international unit): may be confused with IV (intravenous) µg (microgram): may be confused with mg (milligram) U (unit): may be mistaken for 0 (zero), increasing the dose tenfol Full Name: Abbreviation (3 Letter) Abbreviation (1 Letter) Alanine: Ala: A: Arginine: Arg: R: Asparagine: Asn: N: Aspartate: Asp: D: Aspartate or Asparagine: Asx: B. Difference Between Abbreviation and Acronym 1. An acronym is a short form of a word, name or phrase formed from the first letters of the series of words. 2. An abbreviation is also a condensed form of a word and an articulated form of the original word. 3. An acronym is pronounced as a new word. NOFORN-- Abbreviation for no foreigners, meaning the documents can only be seen by US citizens. NSA-- The National Security Agency. OPSEC-- Operations Security. This refers to the protection of.

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Abbreviations According to Dictionary.com, an abbreviation is a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to represent the whole, as Dr. for Doctor, U.S. for United States, lb. for pound. Initialisms and acronyms are two types of abbreviations that are used to shorten phrases Abbreviation: Months, Days, Titles, Etc. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out

What Is A BDC Reticle & How To Use It - Gun Goals&#39;Old, fat and ugly&#39; Russian flight attendants loseOAK HILL DAYLILIES - BLACK FURYKaneka Developed &quot;Colorless Polyimide Film&quot; for Flexible

(b) the abbreviation for a new qualification must be consistent with any similar abbreviation included in the abbreviations lists, unless special conventions such as in (a) above apply (c) where no precedent can be found, an abbreviation should be adopted that minimises potential confusion for students, employers and others, and reflects general use of abbreviations used for words in the. An abbreviation is a short form of a word or phrase. All of the short forms that you see above ↑ are abbreviations. The four main types of abbreviation are: shortenings; contractions; initialisms; acronyms; Shortenings. A shortening is an abbreviation where the end of the word has been cut off, for example Search journal abbreviations: or Browse all Last Updated: Friday April 2, 2021 Please send journal title suggestions to Kevin Lindstrom , Liaison Librarian for Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Earth and Ocean Sciences, and Physical Geography at the University of British Columbia An abbreviation, on the other hand, is also a way to shorten a phrase but with a slight difference. In general, abbreviations tend to shorten the word or phrase being referenced by literally. ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS. Lost in Eurostat jargon ? Then, this page is for you ! You will find below hundreds of abbreviations and acronyms used (almost) everyday in Eurostat and with which you are not necessarily familiar. Use the alphabetical index to navigate through the list. We hope you will find here what you are looking for. If you know or use acronyms which are not listed on this. day, week, month, year. Do abbreviate: hr, min, ms, ns, s. To form the plural of abbreviations, add s alone without apostrophe or italicization. kgs., CDs, Eds. Exception: To avoid confusion, do not add s to pluralize units of measurement (i.e., use 12 m to signify twelve meters, not 12 ms)

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